Hackers, spam and web-hosting

Started by helentr, May 26, 2007, 11:39:15 am

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My site has been hacked and someone sent spam from my PHP contact form, using mail form injection.
So, my web-host decided to suspend my site.

Since they seem to be very dense (to say it politely) in web server matters and I have had a lot of problems with them recently, I have decided to switch hosts.

Do you have any suggestions?
I would like at least 200Mb storage (500 would be best), from 20 Gb bandwidth, PHP, MySql, security and a low price (about $100 a year) and to be able to talk to someone who knows his job.
Looking around, I found http://www.lunarpages.com/ with an attractive offer. Anyone have any experience with them?



There was a pretty extensive review of a service called Site5 here that you might want to look at too:
http://www.terragen.org - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.

Harvey Birdman

I've used Intermedia (www.intermedia.net) for years and have been very happy. On the few occasions that I needed support I had no reason to complain.

Bummer, Helen - I was wondering what was going on (as were a few others, I'm sure!).


Site is back online, at last.

Thank you for your suggestions.

It seems I will need to investigate a little more. Some offers seem too good to be true and I think that is a danger signal. I have had my share of ignorant support people and having to write 5 consecutive emails to explain something (from Google sources) to a technician (he was supposed to explain to me), before he was convinced.



This is where I have mine and it seems to have everything you are looking for. I've never had a problem with them either.



Thank you buzz,

I will check it out