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Started by ratfugel, December 02, 2012, 07:23:20 am

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Can any one tell me why some models import correctly and are visible in the scene yet a similar model might appear to import,but doesn't appear,only the co-ordinating arrows being visible. When moving the scene around looking for it I spotted it momentarily hiding behind the screen, then the scene covered it over again. Why would it not come forward to  where I could see it?  Is it to do with the object itself? We are talking about wireframes here, by the way.  I don't normally have any problems with importing.  This must be some sort of anomaly I think.


Have you set the position co ordinates in the transform boxes.  Click on the preview where you want your object to appear and right click copy coordinates then click the button at the end of the transform boxes and click on paste coordinates.  Be aware you may well need to scale your object.


Thanks for reply. Yes, I did check the co-ordinates, but that merely put the locating arrows in a different position. Whatever's doing it, for sure it will be something simple. The image is definitely lurking behind the main scenery. If you swing the scene around using the alt key and dragging you just catch a glimpse of it before things move. And it's the right size.   Weird.


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Your description of the problem is a little unclear. You are saying things that have elements of a few different issues that are unrelated to one another.
But you did say "We are talking about wireframes here, by the way". So I will start with this one.

1) If you are seeing this issue only in wire frame. One way to test if the solution I am about to lead you to is a good fix, is to render your scene twice; First with RTO ON, and secondly with RTO off. If you see holes in the geometry of some or all of the objects you will want to read the following threads:
The Solution
There are two other threads on this problem but I could not find them even though one is mine. Anyway the thread I posted is the only one with the solution... If this is the problem you are having.

2) Another problem that sounds like some of the things you are saying has to do with the object its self.
If when importing an object the object does not appear in the 0,0,0 OR, does not appear at the coordinates you have input. But the object does appear in the scene. It is likely that the object's "pivot point" (The exact center of the object if it had a cube around it.) Is its self not at 0,0,0. The only way to fix this is to import the object into a modeling program and move the objects center to or near, 0,0,0 in the XYZ.
One way to test this is to scale the object down very small and put it on the ground right in front of your camera. If it then appears where it should, but does not at a large size, then this is the problem.
This happened to me a lot when I was first learning to model. I had objects that were very difficult to work with because they were not centered properly.

I think there could be some other possibilities too. Please clarify the problems you are seeing. A screen grab may be of use.

It has been eaten.


I must thank you folks for being so helpful with my object location problem. I finally decided that there must be some anomaly present in the model which was preventing it from importing properly.  Since the model had been originally built in Max 11  I went back there to examine what I had.  There are 70,000 plus faces on the model and when I checked, one or two of these were either missing from the export file or masked out.  So I corrected everything and re-exported the file under a new name to a new location, so that I could identify it properly and not get confused with the original. When I imported it into T2 this time, it appeared just where it should and all is now as advertised. I'll try to be quiet from now on and not bother people until the next time I get into the you-know-what again!