Q-ball nostalgically visits the old parking lot where he grew up

Started by fleetwood, November 05, 2012, 04:16:48 PM

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Trying for a look of nature reclaiming an old asphalt parking area and old ivory.

Q-ball sphere uses yellow tinted translucency value of 21.0 and
luminosity of 0.06 using  the fake subsurface scattering idea by Ryan Archer.
Render set to Cubic B spline(soft).

Grass (both normal and tiny as moss) by Walli
Herb Robert by Xfrog


The ball looks really great! Interesting test!

Quotefake subsurface scattering idea by Ryan Archer

Could you post a link to Archers idea. I am very interested in this subject. I have been playing with the notion myself, but I did not run into a post by Archer on the subject that I remember, and I would like to read it.
It has been eaten.



I like this render very much. Strong, but not harsh colors, different POV and excellent structures.


Thanks for the comments.

The discussion of subsurface scattering had the subject "Who's done that ?" from 2009 and it had several example files from
different people. Ryan Archer's posts included some useful tgd  files there like the fake-sss-sphere.tgd


And Tangled-Universe was my source for the idea of  grass as moss.


Different from what you see around there parts..and really well done! Great job!


A very unique render and high quality result. Nicely done.

- Oshyan


Thanks for the link Fleetwood, it was helpful to me.

Did you see this link http://www.planetside.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=15056.15
some good info too.

I also like the ground in your image. Did you happen to do a render with a horizon a little further from the ground? If so I would like to see it
It has been eaten.