heightfields, texturing and masks in TG2?

Started by mike_c, May 18, 2007, 01:23:08 AM

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Hi all--

At long last I'm finding some time to begin delving into TGTP.  I'm amazed at some of the capabilities I've skimmed from the surface, but haven't been able to figure out some basic things that I used extensively with TG 0.9 (and obviously haven't found them in the docs or discussions-- apologies in advance if I've missed them).

How do you import heightfields generated with another program, e.g. World Machine or GeoControl, and how do you integrate them into TGTP terrains?

How do you apply photographic textures/patterns to TGTP surfaces?

How do you specify masks to apply to TGTP surfaces, e.g. to limit the application of texturing to erosion channels or other parts of a landscape?

Apologies in advance if these are FAQs-- I haven't found them yet.  I'd appreciate any links to appropriate discussions or tutorials!

Mike C.


Hey Mike, good to see you again.

To import heightfields, use the "Heightfield Load" operator.  If your terrain doesn't show up correctly, seasrch around the forum for bug workarounds

Use an Image Map Shader or a default shader to apply images to the ground.

BigBen has done lots of work with masking - you can search for some of his threads if you want.  I think that for erosion and stuff, he created a mask in WM, loaded it into TG2 via an image map shader, and then applied the mask to the terrain and stuff.
http://www.terragen.org - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


Thanks OB!  I thought the answers would be something relatively simple-- I'm still taking my first steps in TGTP and getting used to the interface.  It's good to be doing landscape modeling again!

Mike C.