1000 birds (Final 1080p animation on page 5!)

Started by Hannes, January 16, 2013, 12:44:46 pm

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Andrew Kramer's tutorials are imho essential for all AE users. And they are quite entertaining! As one of the users commented: it's great fun to watch them, even if you never touched AE!
For Reelsmart MB: here is the compatibility list:


Here it is folks, the final 1080p animation: http://youtu.be/3_T6zhiI2aM
Be sure to watch in HD (1080p). It's only 8 seconds, but it's a lovely 8 seconds!

And don't worry, it didn't take a month and a half just to render. ;) In fact it was less than 2 hours on the Ranch render farm.

Turns out that object sequences can be pretty big to deal with. We're talking some 25GB of object data! So there was a bit of struggle in transferring some big files. But it worked out great in the end, as you can see.

Big thanks to Hannes for working with us on this! Glad to be able to bring his scene to life in full HD.

- Oshyan


Holy mother damn...how awesome!

Oshyan, how cool of you guys to render it on Ranch!

25GB of data  ::)


That is awesome looking, killer stuff man ^^
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Just want to play it again, and again ...outstanding Hannes.


WOW!  That's truly inspiring.  So beautiful.  How long did each frame take to render?


Since it was rendered on a farm, it was quite fast - total render time for ~200 frames of an hour and 50 minutes or so. On my workstation here, an i7 2600k (4 cores) at 4.6Ghz, test frames were about an hour and 10 minutes each.

- Oshyan



Thank you all! I'd like to mention that the lens flare is of course postwork. So is the subtle contrast enhancement and a little bit of chromatic abberation. There is also some added motion blur especially for the birds.
Thank you so much Oshyan for doing this! If I would plan to render the animation in this resolution on my machine, we would see a lot of popes coming and going until it's going to be finished...


Just a small in-between question; speaking of chromatic abberation... how do you put it in? Couldn't find it in Photoshop CS3.


Quote from: Dune on March 18, 2013, 03:41:56 am
Just a small in-between question; speaking of chromatic abberation... how do you put it in? Couldn't find it in Photoshop CS3.

If you want to add it in PS, it's part of the lens correction bit. Probably in distort or somewhere. I'm on CS6 but have been using CS3 for years. ;)
Essentially use the fringing corrections to add fringing rather than take it away.