Started by mhaze, January 20, 2013, 06:09:56 AM

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Thanks a lot dandelO


I didn't bother using any outside functions for the wave pattern, it just relies on the random water shader fractal slope for where to add the white-caps, I'm pretty sure that I could make the waves follow the terrain a bit nearer the shore using a bit of displacement trickery, maybe you guys already have done, I just had a bit of a play with the volume/opacity on a simple water shader(which btw, can be easily animated with a transform node, the foam will always follow the shape of the water shader).
These white-caps don't really have any substance either, just a flat, white layer for now. Decent from this distance but closer up, you might want to add some displacement with a smaller scaled roughness function, or something.
I would prefer to only use one constant to control the width of the volume area and the opacity area, I think that instead of needing to adjust both constants, that I could simply divide the smooth step width constant by a fixed constant(probably 0.75?) which feeds the hard step scalar, I'll play around later with that as I just don't like the double width controls, it's not very intuitive.

Good fun, though. :)