Started by nbk2, February 11, 2013, 12:42:21 pm

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A 360 I made with TG2 (Original 5100x2500) stitched with autostitch (32 indivual pics). Used as a spherical HDRI replacement in Octane for my fractal doodles.

Jo Kariboo

I very like the lighting of the first one and the second are superb !!!  :)



#2 is lit by 1 :)

The lighting coming from the terragen 360 is usually nicer than real HDRI's imo. :)

If wouldn't take such a long time though to make the images for the single stitches, I think i did 45 degree angles. It's a year ago or so, I did this.

A 360 option would be mega super duper ultra cool.  8)