"Attempt at Classic Marine Painting"

Started by ratfugel, February 24, 2013, 06:40:52 am

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This is just what the title says.  I have attended many gallery displays of classic marine painting and the prices there are frightening to say the least. So I decided to make some serious attempts to create my own from scratch. This is one of them. T2 as usual. Much cheaper!


More than an "attempt" I would say. :)

I think you've captured the mood very well. It appears that some of the textures are missing on the ships and maybe the spec is a little high on some of them. Also the water is uniformly rough, take a look at the "wind patch effect" and try to create some calm areas in the water.

This will look great rendered big and printed on canvas :)


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This was made prior to my finding out how to put textures in to my images. Nowadays I wouldn't dream of putting textureless objects into a scene. Had to start somewhere. The wind patch effect is excellent once you've worked out what you are trying to make.  I think one should always have some idea what the finished scene ought to look like, even if you never quite achieve it. In my honest opinion Terragen is strictly for optimists! As the fictional Forrest Gump said, "Like a box of chocolates, you never quite know what's coming next."



Looks nice!
Just like Richard said and maybe a little smoother-or higher AA- water .
I like this.


Looks great! Definitely has a painting feel to it. Would also like to see a more photographic version; foggy day would look great too I bet.
It has been eaten.


Well done as is. Even better as suggested.


Wonderful! Now if I can be the first zoologist to set foot on that newly discovered continent and be the first one to see all its species that are new to science, I would be in heaven!