Martin's Deep Edition Road WIP Thread

Started by Tangled-Universe, February 25, 2013, 04:56:10 AM

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Hi guys,

Similar to Frank I will also not participate in the contest, but unlike him I will use the Deep edition to show my ideas, workflow and WIPs for this exciting contest :)

This first post will be a brief one, more or less an announcement.
I have decided one thing already and that's that my road won't be an asphalt one.
Besides that I have a favor for doing something situated in South America or Asia.
Next post will contain my references for the scene.

Stay tuned!



It has been eaten.


Yes sorry for the delay. I'm over my head in other things and in the time I've spent on it so far I have proven to be not very creative at the moment.


So fffiinnnaaallllllyyy an update and first WIP...

This one is loosely based on previous work for my Dutch Landscape images.
It uses some of the masking, although I had to alter a couple of things.
To this I added road masks & tire-track masks and I added a whole bunch of populations.

I will condensate the setup into something more clear and share it with you to see and investigate on.

The road will get some curve and for the left empty part I'm thinking about some cultivated wheat, but probably Silva3D tansy's or something else colorful.
The populations, especially the trees, are placeholders for look dev to see where I want to go with lighting and mood.

GI here is reduced to 0.7 in the enviro light in order to try to simulate how a low dynamic range camera would try to capture this image.
There a couple of things I can improve for photorealism,  but it's not that bad at the moment and I have to see what else I will do with the atmosphere.

As said in other topics atmosphere is essential.

If I would double atmo densities here 2x then the shadows will be quite brighter and flat looking, for instance.
Key in TG is to first lay out scales together with atmosphere/lighting and then start detailing your scene.

Oh yes, the render is saved straight from the BMP output.



Great sense of scale Martin. I see you've had the same idea with getting large distance variation.

Something I'm having some success with is multiplying a base bright colour with a grey value set to get complementry wear tones. Combining that with an adjust saturation you can get quite a lot of variation from one base colour PF. So exposed soil is quite bright, less worn darker, dust and rock greyer. It's proving quite an efficient way of building up a pallete for me and might help with blending in your erosion and variation.


Great start, Martin. I like the water in the tracks. Interesting to see this develop. Will you make a bend in the road somewhere (in the distance)?
@Jon: you mean something like this color setup?


Kind of, although I can't see what operation you've set the merge shader to. Looks like a similar principle.

If you knock up the below network and adjust the constant sliders with the adjust saturation preview open, you'll see how the values of grey affect the tone. I was looking at some reference material and discovered that I could more or less hit each colour with this set up and use masks to influence their transition.



It has been eaten.


Looking good, light is great but where is the road going?


Thanks guys :)

For anyone who's wondering about the road and its direction. It's all in the post ;)
I'm working in bits and pieces on my second iteration these last 2 days. I hope to show something tomorrow.



New iteration...well...I actually remade the entire scene from scratch as all the masks and simple shapes became a bit too elaborate to my taste as my intention is to share the tgd eventually.

Clouds are a bit experimental, trying to look what kind of brightness/exposure I want the clouds to have and I think it's about right'ish. Now I need to work on the clouds themselves.

Furthermore I need to add fields on the left and something in the background.
Also on the right there's a bit too much vegetation/trees as I want more light seeping through and more shadows on the road is in my previous version.

All in all not too much work I think...


Looking really good :) I particularly like the ruts and the small gap in the trees to  the right (glad you're going to make it a little sparser)
Hopefully that will allow the trees to become a little better illuminated in the shadow areas.

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