otakar's WIP (old road)

Started by otakar, February 26, 2013, 01:49:57 AM

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Great detail in the flagstone pavement. !

Jo Kariboo

I like pavement and your choice of colors !  :)


really great path...where's the pub??!


No pub planned. Here is the full scene. Still to do:

- background (this is going to come out in higher res, so I do need to work on that)
- foreground details (possibly add a plant or 2 and add details as time permits)
- eliminate/replace the human stand-in
- cloud layers

On the right track here you think?


absolutely on the right track!
Whatever is in the top right corner, I would remove it form the foreground.
Then lastly, there is only one other thing I'd like to point out: the blades of one of the grass models that you use seem too thick and big to be real. They look wrong. Color is ok, though.




Quote from: FrankB on March 28, 2013, 03:12:16 PM
... the blades of one of the grass models that you use seem too thick and big to be real. They look wrong. Color is ok, though.

Frank, that's the otherwise very versatile and easy to work with Klas grass. I can't really resize it as I like/need the length as is, but I get what you mean. Maybe I can address it via functions...


yeah, but you better take Walli's grasses. I think they are modelled more accurately in their dimensions.



Agreed with Frank about the chunk of needles and the fat grass. Love it otherwise. I would be tempted to remove the large tree quite centrally, so you'd have a more open vista into the distance. And maybe keep the distant snowy mountains a bit obscure, you might even replace them with (green)-gray rocky hills or a hint of a village or castle (hence the cobbled path).


Great suggestions already.

The pavement texturing is really nice, like it!

For the moment I don't have much else to add to the suggestion except for a couple of things, but I'll wait for your next iteration to see if they still apply.


Appreciate the comments. The 'chunk of needles' is a tree (branch). I chose the placement carefully. Is it not appropriate? If I show more of the tree it obscures too much of the view. I will see if I can do something about the grass, unfortunately I don't have Walli's dry grass set yet...


No, show as little as possible vegetation up close. It contributes to ruining the photo realism. Especially the needles, which are just flat images, and not real geometry, will give it away.  ;)


Just the offending grass is new - better now?


This is very impressive. This work with the addition of this latest grass is super.


I think for real realism you need more variation still; it's quite 'clean'. But these grasses are great.


Thank you. Yes, I know it looks clean, that's always a challenge when you have both bare ground and vegetation showing. I have not found any good 'undergrowth and debris' models yet. So I may not be able to solve that for this project, but I started adding some details as planned. The village gets lost in the trees, but may be a bit more visible in higher res. Getting close to having to wrap this up, which is a bit of a pity.