otakar's WIP (old road)

Started by otakar, February 26, 2013, 01:49:57 AM

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looks really good. If you just throw some dust over the top of the path that might just finish it up?
It has been eaten.


I just hit the submit button. This project is done. 16 hour render to complete it. I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback and for the inspiration. Some superb renders I have been admiring here. It has been fun [but I have not done anything else since the start of the competition]. I hope the gallery comes online soon. Cheers!


This is the final in full resolution.

dandelO - robin, maple tree, 3 tree cluster
Walli - Medium Hazel, grasses, DNW flower, Blackberry, Plantago
Klas - Pine
Mandrake - dead branch
Ogre - Road texture
TerrAde - Summer Birch, Twisted tree, autumn aspen, leaves
Marc Gebhart - Chinapkin Oak
bigben - pine needles
JCinBAMA - Filler tree
helentr - Lombardy poplar
mr-miley - European Walnut

Thanks to everyone who put this competition together and all who took part in it!