So, who is participating?

Started by FrankB, March 01, 2013, 11:58:15 AM

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Hey guys,

in the survey we had 30 people stating they are going to participate.
So who are you?

WIP threads are not mandatory, so it's hard to get an impression on who is "IN" !



I'm in for sure. I'm going to make a thread once I something more exciting than dirt to show haha


P.S. My text is always translated with Google



I've started one of mine  - I'm going to try and work on two, time permitting. Will put up my start tomorrow.  To make it harder for myself I'm going to try and ignore Frank and Dune's work and reinvent the wheel.  Hah! I've failed already, just used Dune's dotted center white line! :-\

Jo Kariboo

I had not planned to take part, fault of knowing to make a roads, but I began an image yesterday. I would have posted today or tomorrow. 


Well don't worry guys. I have created my thread already and I'm at the same stage as you ;)

Good to know you're all on it!
Looking forward to see your WIP's :)


I'm in. My WIP is progressing; now at the veggie population stage - then, much tweaking. Will play more with the atmo. I have indications the render time will be a blockbuster.


That's great, guys! Can't wait to see your renders!



I'm in (obviously!) Glad to see some more coming on board.
It was starting to feel a little lonely out there with only three other posters:)
Don't forget to post a WIP thread (i know it's not a requirement)

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Newbie as much as I am, I'm going to take a stab at this once I'm done with my day job responsibilities that end end of next week.

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It has been eaten.


We need as many contestants as possible! So come on, if anyone still doubts (beginners also!)... grab you chance, you'll never know if you hit the right button and take home those prizes.

QuoteDon't forget to post a WIP thread (i know it's not a requirement)   
I think it should be a requirement next time. It would be nice for contestants to see what they're up against, thus pushing each other up.

At least if you post and have any question, there are users willing to give advice, and other eyes will see more (mistakes), and thus heighten your chances to win.