Mick's Road

Started by mhaze, March 02, 2013, 11:55:40 AM

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Thanks for the comments.  I don't think I will change the scales much as I want the claustrophobic feel of the larger trees you'll see why ;) I'm going to try a day and night version, again you'll see why and then decide.  I agree moonlight is tough, I don't think its even possible to get realism and a fully detailed image, too much is lost in realistic shadow but as I've said before realism isn't everything the mood is more important.


Next Gen - still alot to do and I'm on holiday next week!


Looking good! The vegetation is looking nice.


Not happy with the tree distribution so I will have to work on that but at least I have some good trees to work with! Just spent two days working on the fence nearly got it sorted now.


Looking so fine. The quality of these endeavors are amazing.


yeah, this is looking mighty fine  :)


I've changed the light and tree distribution. I'll add a few single trees, bushes and some more roadside plants when I get back.

Jo Kariboo

I like the two last one !  :)
I am not certain that the moon is necessary.


Cheers all, thanks for the comments and encouragement. Off now for a week which will give me a chance to think about the pic and where I want to go with it.

Joe, you could be right I'll have to try it without.  The road reminds me of a launch pad hence the moon ;)


Great realization of your concept/source!!! Now you can just tweak everything until submission time.

Im inclined to hate on the moon too. Then again, when rendered at top quality maybe it will be real nice.
But just in terms of the image as we see it now, the moon is real over kill.
It has been eaten.


Looks better and better with each iteration :)
Can't wait to see this rendered with soft shadows and nicely tuned AA.

The moon is picture perfect centred and is distracting in my opinion.


Agreed about the moon. I would also reduce the impact of the ruts in the tarmac, or make them softer. I don't think all cars would have used the same ruts, deepening it so precisely. Also, what's the thing in the left verge; a rock? I would take it out. And add something of interest, there's not really a focal point yet, IMHO. Beam of light, object..... whatever.
But it's getting very nice, no matter what I say.


Totally agree with Dune! Otherwise great image. Can't wait to see the final one.


 I would suggest adding dead leaf and branch clutter in the lowest part of the valley where it tends to collect by gravity and rain.  Still keep greenery there, but mix in some weathered forest debris.


Cheers all moon will go. Dune i noticed the ruts they are on my todo list and yes there wll be a focus but im saving that for last