Darth's Road Entry - Final

Started by Gannaingh, March 05, 2013, 01:57:49 AM

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Nice light, indeed. But may I be a pain and comment? I would smooth the road more, get rid of the tyre marks (they go strange ways), and most of all, use a different bark texture for the birches or get the repetition out of it. Make it procedural instead, not hard at all.


Agree with Dune, except about smoothing the road. Looks like back roads through the woods where I live, to me. Looks real this way.
It has been eaten.


Very nice! I'd prefer the road a bit smoother as well, it looks to be really in bad shape as is, but I guess that depends on the look you're going for.


Thank you for the suggestions. I've been meaning to work on the road surface more, but I wanted to get the lighting to look satisfactory first.


this looks truly stunning!... Any further tweaks you do here, will only edge this closer to perfection!


Here is the final version for now. I was originally rendering it at 1920x1080, but i forgot to enable some of the ground cover, which made it look rather naked, so I had to make a smaller version to submit it on time. It's not perfect, but I won't go around poking holes in my efforts to win ;)

I've rather enjoyed creating this one, thank you for all of you suggestions and kind words along the way.


The lighting on the foliage, the misty rays of light, the rough road surface, lot's of 'Wows!' in this image. Truly well envisioned and and brought to life.


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Looking great indeed, but if I were to keep improving, I would make the foliage a darker, less saturated and more towards blue green.