Jo Kariboo WIP road

Started by Jo Kariboo, March 02, 2013, 12:00:07 PM

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Is that a human at the end of the road?
It has been eaten.

Jo Kariboo

Thank you Kadri and gregtee !
@TheBadger: Yes it's a cyclist not very visible currently, I will put a more visible second of it on the next version, and more architectur etc.

Thanks for your visit !

Jo Kariboo

BAHHHHHH........ not finish........


Getting very nice! I very much like the pastoral look and the added houses in the distance. 
A few things, if you don't mind; the hind end of the cart is a bit too shiny, it's very black overall (small fill light perhaps?), the ruin may need some dirt, and most important, the road doesn't look like a road, but more like a dried stream or barren patch of soil, where the plants couldn't get hold. I suggest some hollowed out tracks, some smaller broken stones in the tracks, larger outside. 

Jo Kariboo

Thank you ulco for your comments, it's largely appreciated. I go tried to make certain correction with your suggetions. I think personally that the problem major in my image it is that it misses punch. I tried a other POV.

Jo Kariboo

A other version with some correction with a other POV and light.
Is it better ?

Jo Kariboo

vegetations: Ulco, Walli,Dandel'O, Mr.Lampost, Aymenk 2003
house: TurboSquid
cyclist: Terrade

not very finished. I work the sky


Beautiful lighting. The house could use some textures.


Great lighting, good rendering and also visually interesting. This is going somewhere :)

Nonetheless I still prefer the previous day-time version which had a much vaster sense of scale.
I think such scenes also make best use of TG2's strengths and thus are relatively more easy to get photoreal.

This latest version is relying very much on close-up rendering of vegetation and models like a house, which are as a matter of fact the weakest point of TG2.
So all in all personally I would feel more confident with finishing the previous version given the aim of the contest as this is becoming a tough one :)

Jo Kariboo

Thank you Hannes and T-U.   :)
Time passes, I know, I don't have the sufficient technical training to work over again the house. I go tried to finish a decent image. I understand your point T-U. I still will make some test and I will see for the light. Day light or the last one. Perhaps move the house further. Currently I don't know. Thank you T-U for your observations. 


I like the image with the 5b in the filename better.
The vegetation is less prominent and the lighting is better. This is already a *very* good render, Jo!

Martin is right in that it's best to avoid rendering vegetation models in the forground. but if you must, make sure that these are really fine models.



I liked the previous version better, sorry.  Wider vista, and less work to do to make it really good, I think.

Jo Kariboo

Thank you FrankB and Ulco.
Ulco I also like  the previous version in daylight, but the road remains too secondary and theme for the contest is the road.

and and................ Ouf !!!! 
Deadline for submission: Sunday, April 14th, but you can submit whenever your work is finished.

I had badly read. I believed that it was on March 14th.
Ok I go outside I have time.   :)