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Started by pclavett, February 28, 2013, 08:05:16 pm

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Hi All !
Have been away for some time and have been learning Blender to create rock formations for use in Terragen. Have wanted for some time to make rock formation that would fit certain scene and have full control of the appearance and Terragen not exactly conceived for modelling 3D objects. Blender has been difficult to master...(been at it for 2 months) and I am not yet there but have been able to make some rocks that appear decent !
I have been taking stuff from this forum for some time and it now time to give a bit back !
Some of you may want to use this in their project and feel free to do so. The textures will not follow (and could not include them legally anyway) but simply go down into the the object to the material shader and simply put in your own textures (either bitmaps or procedurals to your liking) and the same for displacement, etc... (the material shader is a default shader ! )
This file is BIG !!! It consists of 5 individual rocks piled together and between them...millions of polygons !!!....about 250 MB !!!
No worry though as Terragen's stability handles this very well (as opposed to some more pricy 3D software...that does not need naming...could not resist the sarcasm !) Have not had a crash on my old MacPro (double Xeon, 8 cores, early 2008) and note that the final picture will include massive populations of veggies (in progress!).
I include the link to my DropBox where you can download the thing if you want and will make available other rocky items in the next few weeks.
Let me know if you like it and take care !



Agree with Kadri and thanks for the object/objects.

And i totally agree with you about the other more expensive but unstable software (yeah I'm thinking of Vue).



wow thanks Paul...this rocks!!!
gonna enjoy exploring these!

Jo Kariboo


This rocks  ::) sorry :)
I assume the plants are single objects individually placed and not populations ...

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The plants are from Dune (bushes lower down in the Sharing section) and they are nice for sure !!! They were individually placed on the rock formation for giving some reference in size and also to break the monotony of the rocks. Placing them takes some time but can be done in a reasonable time by using a top view to move them in reference to the camera and coming back to your render view to tweak the height and final place of the instance. I use very small renders (500 pixels wide) with low detail (0.2) and AA (2) to see where I am going and it takes an acceptable time to see your final results. I have changed the material and added some Powerfractal for displacement and colour variations and you will see the final result in a post on the image sharing soon. In the meantime, I include a tgo version for your enjoyment and as before the only thing that will be missing will be the texture which cannot be included because of copyright issues...but just put in yours and you can adjust the colour adjustments in the PF as it may not mix well with your texture depending on its native colours. The file is was huge but the tgo is much smaller than the obj version and yet looks as cannot explain why that is except that thing seem to work better with native tgo' it is in the DropBox as indicated before.
Take care  and have a great weekend !


Sorry guys but the last file was an error and I will fix it....the reason it was smaller was that it was the wrong rock !!! The rock complex in tgo is mildly smaller but around 175 Mb instead of 235 Mb in the obj format ! It will be fixed shortly and if you did download the other is a solitary stone added in the project I am working on and you can take it too. The cliff complex will have the designation "Rock4_2_Complex_smoother".....I will leave the other rock there as well if you want it !
Sorry for the mistake and hope you enjoy !