Bastien's Road montain or other.

Started by bla bla 2, March 09, 2013, 01:10:43 pm

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Quote from: FrankB on April 01, 2013, 03:07:19 pm
Hi Bastien,
- I don't know if you have the free edition, or the proper TG2 Deep edition. If you still have the free edition, I advise you to upgrade, but if you can't, you should perhaps try a scene that doesn't require lots of populations. In a forest scene, you would expect all sorts of plants to show through, so that's hard if you only have the free edition in combination with no access to a variety of models. With the free edition, you may still get some variety going on in your image, if you hand-place individual models in the foreground and mid ground at least.

Regards and good luck!

Je l'ai acheter la version Deep animation terragen.

I bought it the version Deep animation terragen. ;)

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Voici, le circuit fermé.  :) Ouvert aux commentaires.

Here is, the closed circuit. :) Open comments.


It is very artistic, but I doubt if you'll win the contest with it. It's not really 'photographic'.

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 :) Open a comments. is this good ?


Much better for the contest. I do like you experimentations though.
But for this contest this is much better.

Now you may want to just spend time adding details like color variations to all surfaces (not the car obviously but the ground on the side of the road) and play with your render settings to get the best render in the least amount of time spent rendering.

Good improvement.
It has been eaten.

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Est-ce bon ?  :)

Is that good ? :)

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Zairyn Arsyn

the car & road looks good to me, but the grasses and the trees to the right dont look as the rest of the image.


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 :) Je laisse comme ça ?

I leave it as that ?