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Started by swissAdA, March 14, 2013, 04:21:50 AM

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2 WIP's
i'm working on
P.S. My text is always translated with Google


Wow, both are looking very nice already. The atmosphere, perspective, general sense of scale, and composition of the 1st one I like a lot. The rays in the 2nd are phenomenal, too.

- Oshyan


Holy cow, that looks great! Maybe the road in the second image is a bit too glossy. It looks kind of wet. If it just has rained you maybe could make the reflections a bit more irregular?


They're both great! Will you continue to develop both, or decide for one?

A little hint on the first one: the trees and the house don't seem to be in synch, scale-wise. Particularly the tree in the middle must have towel-sized leafs!


Jo Kariboo

Nice and calm effect with this light !!!


It has been eaten.


Great WIP's! Would be hard to choose if you'd pursue both. I agree with the made comments, and may add that I would be careful with any trees in the open terrain with the house. maybe some patches of small shrub would do. And I would loose the one large rock. And also make the atmo a bit less 'dense', which would give it more brightness, I guess.
In the 'wet' road, I would add some 'artifacts' to the verges; it is very clean. Some dirt, soil, emptied ashtray... And indeed add a little wear/patchiness to the road surface.


two stunners  for sure, but which one to choose?