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Started by bigben, May 30, 2007, 01:21:19 am

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Apologies for posting this in more than one place, but just a quick note for those that have downloaded by recent Grand Canyon and Glacier N.P.  terrain sets....

I'm in the process of updating my DEM data so if download time is a problem for you then I suggest waiting a bit.  I'm going to replace as much SRTM data as my RAM will allow with 1/3" NED from USGS. I'll also release a set of images for use in creating additional masks for each of my terrain sets.

  • GlobalMapper Slope shader (for lakes and rivers)

  • NLCD 2001 Landcover

  • NLCD 2001 Canopy

The last two look really useful for creating masks for different vegetation cover (esp. farms) and tree distributions and are indexed colour :)   They're only 30m resolution then these are also big terrains.


Just a quick preview of what I'm preparing.

Below are screengrabs of a section of a 1" NED loaded into GlobalMapper with the Land cover and Canopy overlays applied as textures. Both of these look really useful for creating quick masks with a lot more ease than using higher res landsat overlays. Drawing river is still going to be relatively manual but it should still be relatively easy.

The canopy image looks particularly useful for creating tree population density shaders.


Hi BigBen,
Just wanted to give a big thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with us.




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