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Started by choronr, March 22, 2013, 12:11:51 AM

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If I were to continue with this image, I'd call it 'Something Ominous this way comes'; but, not really happy with it. I'd like to request comments that say 'dump it and start all over'; or, 'continue on'.

Really tried to get a light source below the UFO and the mountain to illuminate the clouds with a reddish glow but couldn't get it to work. Tried other sun positions for a more dramatic atmosphere to no avail.

So, dump it and start all over; or, continue on ...would appreciate some suggestions. 


Definitely continue!! Great start, really great. The distant clouds together with the small ufo really gives a menacing feel, don't change that. Very subtle and still menacing. I would work on the car and person (better model) and some of the stuff on the road. The humps that are there now should make way for more subtle debris, and perhaps some refinements to the road surface.
But don't dump this, Bob.


I agree with Dune. CONTINUE!! I like it.


It has been eaten.


it's already very good! Sure there is work to be done tweaking the details, but you can do it! The scene itself starts out really interesting  :)


I agree with Frank. Some detail in the road and right hand slope would be areas that can be worked on. Maybe a darker atmosphere behind that really good hero cloud and some general reflectivity would make this a good scene with or without the objects.


Thanks to you all and your encouragements. I guess when I've spent so much time working with this one I probably got tired of looking at it. I'll take a short breather and get back to it - time is running short.

Thanks again.

Jo Kariboo

The clouds are excellent and are appropriate very well with this flying sorcerer.


Why dumping it? Spend the time you'd use creating something else on refinements here and you have a very competitive entry, no doubt.


Jo, Jason and Otakar ...thanks to you all. I'm beginning the process of making a number of changes ... some are trial and error; but, I think I'm getting there.


Agree with the others, continue! *But* if you ask me, don't be tempted to change the major details, the structure and layout of the scene, and the things that are already working, like the vegetation, composition, sky, etc. I feel like some pieces kind of "go off the rails" through additional tweaking, and this usually, in my view, occurs because people are tempted to change *too many things at once*.

Personally I think this needs *relatively* minor work from here. As others suggested, make the bumps and wear on the road more subtle and integrated, improve the models for the car and figure, fix up the road edge a bit (asphalt overlapping rocks, etc.), and give a bit more detail/texture to the large mountain shape(s) on the right. I'm not sure I would even touch the sky at all, I *like* the UFO being a bit subtle, and the large clouds add drama without losing that subtlety. It's really an interesting composition actually, I could see a real, historical UFO photo looking like this.

Keep going!

- Oshyan


Oshyan; and, all of you make me feel good about this contest project, the community, - and, the tweaking of the image I'm pursuing now.

Thank you so much for your ideas and suggestions.   


I think I've taken this one as far as I can go. Made several changes including what appears to be rain on the road. I have been in rainstorms where a short blast of heavy rain comes and goes leaving the road looking a mite flooded as it does here.

Many thanks to all who contributed to my knowledge of the many elements used here. Now to email this one to NWDA.


I quite like all the changes, except how very, very rough the road is now. Maybe intended to look wet, but it just looks like it's been roughed up too much, to my eye. I know you don't like to tweak beyond when you consider something "done", and I tend to agree that you want to avoid over-tweaking too, but given this is a contest, I think it's worth considering just that last minor change to the road surface. We'll see if other people weigh in with different perspectives, perhaps it's just me.

- Oshyan