zaxxon's cattle country road

Started by zaxxon, March 25, 2013, 12:24:30 AM

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This is a good place to hang around. Too bad they don't serve pints.

Regarding your setup; will you cover the gray distance ground with (fake) vegetation? It is very gray now, while in front you do have some (scarce) grass.


More of a margarita guy! But I'd take a pint or three!  The grass has two populations of Walli's from the grasspack, a rush and a dry reed. They're spaced at around +-1, but with the coverage % fairly low. Since the scene is placed in a low rainfall climate I debated about how much grass there would be (as well as scale and type), I'm certainly up to pushing the populations, and what the heck still time for another render!


A number of adjustments. 'Greyed' the blue Atmo presets, Bluesky Horizon and in 'Tweaks' Bluesky Density. Is the Tweak/BSD setting the equivalent of Sky Dome (azimuth) color? Well, hopefully this sky works better now. Added detail to the hills/mountains. Thickened foreground grass (a couple of populations were inadvertantly shifted in current render), and added some dry grass to mid right gray area. Thanks  to a number of folks for the helpful suggestions, the power of the extra eyes!


Looking very good, much better. Just one more thing: if possible, maybe consider some color variation in the trees and bushes.


Probably this is the final, if only because the time has just about run out. Darn. Learned lot's things along the way, both from the application and the folks commenting in the forum. This has been a fun ride along the "Road"!