Road Trip 2013

Started by gregsandor, March 04, 2013, 02:36:57 PM

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The masks are .tif; the section I posted above was cut out of the 8192 px sq. mask then compressed .jpg just for the forum :) 



I'm really excited now.  After years of looking I've finally found an old postcard of the diner and it shows the great original signs!  I have long searched in vain for references for what I knew had to have been a good sign, the current box sign just isn't worthy of the old style.  The real diner seems to open and close every few years and somewhere along the way they removed them but my digital version will soon have the original signs restored.

Edit:  Yesterday i started building the modern Lincoln Lodge signs, but now also have discovered the vintage Rose Haven Motel sign in this postcard, so that's replacing the modern one.  Really glad to be able to bring the old style back.

Edit:  Motel sign blocked in (now to do the neon :)


First test of the neon tubing first few letters are done and I wanted to see what it looks like.

Luminosity of 10 in this one, they throw a better amount of light, but the tubing itself gets covered in a white blue.  I have to find a way to keep the tubing crisp and still throw more light.

Do you have any ideas about how to improve the neon?


excellent detailing Greg!
Great stuff!


Your excellent work towards realism here is very apparent.


Fantastic stuff Greg.

I have no idea yet what you can do to improve the neon.
The undesired colour effect is probably some kind of "overshoot" due to too strong luminosity values, but I can't see how and why that happens.

If you reduce the luminosity you lose the effect you're looking for.
So I was thinking you may try a very localized cloud which facilitates the glow for you.

I'm also thinking about another possibility but that involves alpha version functionality which we can't discuss here.
Drop me a PM to exchange some thoughts if you like.