Oshyan on vacation

Started by Oshyan, February 25, 2014, 07:27:45 pm

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We stayed in a mix of hostels (shared bathroom, private room) and hotels. Honestly the hostel we were in wasn't that great a deal, I'd just go with a hotel next time (this was in Reykjavik). We also rented a car, very necessary. You don't want to camp or try to rely on public transport (or private tours) for anything but a few days staying there in my opinion, especially in winter.

Photos soon, soon. :)

- Oshyan


Yeah, you got more work to do now that you're back   ;) ;) ;)


Yeah that hostel stuff is crap. I don't think its been a good deal since before I could travel. Plus after seeing the movie by the same name... ;D
It has been eaten.