Started by pclavett, April 27, 2013, 09:56:55 AM

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Hi to all !
I have been playing with the Voronoi complexes to try to produce a rocky cliff texture and think I might be close to producing something usable. I have used 3 different Voronoi complexes, merged them and modified them at several levels to come up to a displacement complex that seems to produce acceptable results. I am including a preview of the final complex and a link to a series of modifications that can produce various results. These will be available at my drop box site and the link will be forwarded in a later message. These other examples are going to be accompanied my a respective tgc file that will not be as clean as the one included here as it is not internalized and organized as this one...... but you will get the picture (this was the experimenting phase and cleaned it up for the final !). Do not know if this will be of any help to anyone but you can all have it and play with it at your leisure ! Further messages to come later today ! Take care !


Hi Again !
Here is a link to the other files for examples of the possibilities with this complex as well as a sample tgd.
Hope you can use this !
Have a good day !


PS: If you have problems with the link...let me know and will try to fix this. Included below are sample renders....also available at download site.

Jo Kariboo

Very interesting !!! Thank you Paul !  :D




very cool stuff...thanks for sharing..  ...
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very nice Paul... 8)


Thanks Paul!  This is giving me something to play with this afternoon.   8)
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Thanks for sharing. Nice displace.


The first tgc is active, the link is dead for the tgd, but you can see from his examples jpg how this would work.  :)