NWDA Contest 2013 - Winners Announced @ CGScenery.com!

Started by Tangled-Universe, April 28, 2013, 11:40:52 AM

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Congrats to the three winners and compliments to the rest of the field. Also thanks to the contest organizers and sponsors!

Will the full size entries be available at some point? I was a bit surprised not to see that - a great many details are obscured in the reduced resolution images.


Congratulations to the winners and all participants; a truly beautiful range of work. And very well presented also, they come out nice and crisp. 



Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to NWDA and the sponsors for this great and fun contest. And thanks to the jury for the good 13th place! I didn't expect this :)

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Congrats to the winners, great contest and lots of great submissions.

Well done and thanks to all the guys for organizing this too!




Just saw the final pictures (I'm late)... Impressive & inspiring. Well done guys!
Nice contest, and congrats to the winners. ;)
You don't understand me ? That's normal, I don't speak english.