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Started by Hannes, April 30, 2013, 07:03:13 AM

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I'd like to say thank you to the jury for the voting. You really made my day! And of course to the NWDA guys who had the great idea of making such challenges. Special thanks to Frank who showed us generously how to build roads and to Ulco as well, who showed me a way to create fake motion blurred helicopter rotors in an image map. You're incredible! Each time someone says something is not possible to do in TG, there's another one who says "Yes, it is possible!".
So, I think, the Planetside forum is one of the best I know! Big thanks to the Planetside staff. And last but not least thanks to everybody here. You have always useful tips that help us to improve our images!



Congrats Hannes! I'd have given you the #1 spot if I were voting without much hesitation. It's not easy to make man-made objects look real, you accomplished it along with the rest of the scene of course. Looking forward to the "Making of" article:)

Henry Blewer

Well done. Both the image and the generosity.
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Congrats, that was a tough crowd to beat !! Well deserved
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Its a good image, Hannes. Good job!

I always wanted to ask you, who is the image in your avatar of, is it you? And what do you do for a living? Just curious.
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Jo Kariboo

Agree with you Hannes for the forum!  Congrats Hannes! I am happy for you !!!  :)


Thank you all! It's great to be part of this family!
@TheBadger: yes, it's me. I stood in my room, and made a series of photos of myself turning the camera slowly around my head (which must have been funny to watch!) and made a gif animation out of that.
I'm a male nurse for almost thirty years now in my other life ;)
From time to time I'm getting hired for some CG work like the Terragen contribution to some turkish commercials.


Hmmm. You know I imagined that it was you in the avatar. And though I think I have read you mention Turkey before, for some reason, I always thought you are German.
Its funny how our posts become only representations of who we actually are, and like stories, are minds make up details to fill in the blanks. I always thought Oshyan was from iceland or Norway, or something like that.  :)

Well, now you are internet famous. So you will have to get used to people looking at you.  :) I don't think internet famous usually pays as much as TV famous though, but its a start.  ;D
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A well deserved first place! And from now on we'll see huge amounts of trees in your renders, I presume....


Thanks again, guys!
Badger, I am german. I did some work for a german vfx company who created a commercial spot for a turkish company.
Btw, my avatar is highly photoshopped. I am not blackhaired...

And yes, there will be a lot of trees...
I hope, I am living long enough to test all the plants ;D


I echo all Hannes!
really, well done, and my fave from that start!
great avatar too btw... just noticed it moves!


Funny Hannes, for some reason I thought your avatar was Orson Welles! :D

- Oshyan




But it really is a great image Hannes. If you were an actor you could only play serious roles!
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