Xfrog Sale holdback

Started by cadmar, May 05, 2013, 03:51:06 pm

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Hi everyone!

I was looking at getting the two CD bundle of XFrog while they are on sale.

My only issue with them is, there is no Image preview of what they are & a lot of the names is just jibberish to me. Names like litrais spicata blazing star.

It makes it kind of hard to import them, if you have no idea what it is. Importing, using trial & error does not seem to make a lot of sense.

I would not think I'd be the only one wondering about this. A simple jpg of the tree in the folder would have been easy for them to do.

Any suggestions? Aside from not buying them. :)




Try and 'Google' the botanical names - you should get results.


The CD comes with a folder of previews for each plant so you can see what your going to import, it's just a two stage process. It's worth it :)

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Thank you both so much!

cyphyr, I am really glad to hear it comes with a preview folder. I will definitely get the bundle pack in that case. A great deal at such a lowered price!

thanks again!