Flock of Birds - An object sequence animation by Hannes

Started by Oshyan, March 15, 2013, 01:55:25 am

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We've just posted an animation that makes extensive use of Terragen's object sequence support. The scene was developed and animated by Hannes Janetzko, we just optimized render settings, and then we worked with The Ranch render farm to output the final frames. Just under 2hrs of farm time for 8 seconds at 1080p, and it really turned out great!

Have a look: http://youtu.be/3_T6zhiI2aM

This is the first 1080p content we've posted, but it certainly won't be the last. :D

- Oshyan


Super! Regarding the innovations in the software over the last years, these leaps forward do promise quite a lot for the future of Terragen 2.



Really great!
The image sequence part is very cumbersome. But I think its nice to have the option. Rendering directly will always be better than compositing, at least in terms of an objects interaction with light and shadow.
And if more options become available to animate objects internal to TG, than thats even better!

Nice work guys!
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@TheBadger: I'm not quite sure what you mean by the cumbersome image sequence part.


QuoteWe're talking some 25GB of object data!

That is very cumbersome.
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These 25 GB were mainly Object sequences: the birds and the tree, not Image sequences.
That's why I didn't know what you meant when you said: "Rendering directly will always be better than compositing, at least in terms of an objects interaction with light and shadow"


Ahhh, sorry about the wrong word. Should have caught that.
But to be clear, yes, I meant it is better to render an object directly in the scene rather that to composite an object in later and try to match it up.

So even if dealing with 25gb object sequences is difficult to move around, the lighting and shadow the object interacts with in the scene is going to be more correct than any composite. Thats why I am a fan of the option to use object sequences.
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Very nice, Oshyan.  At first, it looked very natural (i.e. - real). 
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Sorry, but I just looked at this again. Its still really frigging great!
I watched at the highest res this time. Usually I only do 720 with youtube because I always have problems with load speed from them, for some reason. But hot damn, thats pretty!

Sorry, just had to say it again. I do like me some pretty things  ;D
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Im really looking forward to some more planetside + User animations with T3! Hope you guys will do it.

Hey Oshyan, do you have some nice animation examples for T3 coming soon? I bet you do, you have been pretty quite lately, something must be going on!
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I have something Michael, but it needs re-rendering, because quality isn't really up to par.

It's an animation of 4D noise on warp function for clouds.
(that means that the powerfractal is animated in the 4th dimension (time) and plugged into the warp shader as warper to warp the cloud density shader)

The coolness is that the clouds are being warped in all kinds of different directions, instead of just one if you'd animate it along any specific axis.

Oshyan discussed it briefly here:

I'll see what I can do to show something in the next couple of days, but I'm very busy with work + TG3 testing + TG preset stuff which I have to prioritise over this.


QuoteHey Oshyan, do you have some nice animation examples for T3 coming soon?
;D ;D ::)


Thanks Martin! And a very interesting subject to do render tests on too!!! I am very tired of clouds that do not move in my renders. So Im really hoping to do something in this regard. I look forward to the posts 8)

Me thinks you have something to say!
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