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Started by Jo Kariboo, July 01, 2013, 10:11:38 pm

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Jo Kariboo

12 pictures... some new, some old, some new with old but never post before.  :D


I like them all, but #9 and #10 I like best.

You need to post more often, you are robbing my eyes and brain.  ;)


The scale in image 3 is wonderful!
I like Image 9 and 11 a lot. 4 too.
It has been eaten.


Actually, image 2 is pretty frigging great!

QuoteYou need to post more often, you are robbing my eyes and brain

Yes. please stop stealing from us!  ;)
It has been eaten.

Jo Kariboo

Thank you yossam and TheBadger  :)

Ok a other and a other........... :D


13.jpg; Now your cheating. Its a photo! :o :o :o :o :o
It has been eaten.


Quite a few nice images in there! The zebra images are rather cheeky, eh? And quite cool IMO. I like the clouds in particular, and am also a big fan of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, which they remind me of. I also quite like the sunset with the rock in the foreground and the "wave" rock image that follows it (reminds me of "The Wave" in Arizona: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wave,_Arizona). The colors in 13 are gorgeous and a very creative image overall, reminds me of Yellowstone a bit. 14 is just lovely, great composition. 15 looks like a photo from the thumbnail, and quite like some crazy geological formation in the Middle East or something at full size. Very cool.

Glad you decided to post all these now. Post more often in the future and we can give more attention to each (if you want, hehe)!

- Oshyan


Some great images, Jo. Especially the B&W ones are really nice, but number 1 is also a favorite of mine. Great sense of composition you have, I can learn from that. You were still making a tutorial about how you make those stark B&W images, weren't you?


Wow I really really like numbers 6, 7 and 8.
#7 is a nice photographic composition with dramatic lighting and atmosphere.
Like Oshyan mentioned #8 reminds me of The Wave in Arizona, great work!


Wow, what a collection! I can't tell, which image I like most. They are all incredibly good!


Amazing work Jo.  You have a wonderful sense of space and scale

bla bla 2

J'aime bien la 12, 13 et la 15.  :)


My favorites are 1,3,10 and 15. But they're all interesting. I love your mountains, very close to being photorealistic. You also have very nice rock shapes and displacement. What a huge collection to post in one thread!


All cool. You're backgrounds are really good, like the one in 7. Really nice sky.


Fantastic work Jo, so many inspirational images here, hard to decide which one I like best.