Beginner problem - object placement and viewing

Started by EdBardet, July 18, 2013, 02:35:20 pm

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I have attempted to follow some of the suggestions in the forum and I am having no luck. I've opened a completely flat terrain and placed a cube object on it. I am obviously doing something wrong. Can I get a little (lot) help. On the outside the object is wrong ( A red cube from Turbo Cad) is there a general program that will open an object file for viewing, so I can check it?

Does anyone use TurboCad for object development and if so any hints?

Thanx for any assistance,

The tgd file is attached


Try Poseray.  You can load your obj into Poseray and see how it looks there and what, if any error messages you get.  There's numerous controls, especially on the "Groups" tab, like recalculate normals, that may help.  Export your object to your TG2 directory.

Poseray is free and can be downloaded from here:

Also, you should know that the heightfield and obj file are not included in your tgd file.  You would have to send them separate (only the obj file is necessary.)
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I was able to save as 3df in turbocad then  poseray to convert and export as an object that TG could handle.