yellow field [final FINAL 08-01-2013]

Started by Walli, July 24, 2013, 05:33:17 am

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Ahh nice.
Did you make her Walli? I have not made a person or fabric yet. looks like a lot of fun.
It has been eaten.


I used Makehuman to create a "base", as I knew that almost all bodyparts would be hidden underneath piles of cloth. I then modeled the skirt, attached it to the hip and made a clothsim while bringing the woman in pose (Cinema4D). Afterwards I modeled hair, cloth on head, blouse, west and pinafore (also Cinema4D).
Actually now I wished I would have decided to model that first and then bring the figure into pose, but I didnĀ“t want to set up rigging/clothsim for all those parts too.

So I did not model the woman, just the clothing on top.


@ Ulco: you mean the rapeseed on the small hills in front of the forest in the back? I think you are right, probably would have been better to have a regular meadow over there.


Yes, that's what I mean, Walli. Or you could place a small group of trees there.


...yes..probably I will take another shot....


It's worth the effort! Great scene.


Final final  ;)



Magnificent and inspiring.  Just brilliant *swoon*


The new lighting adds even more realism here. This is a great scene. It could be a postcard.


It is still has that painterly feel to it (my opinion). I like it............ ;D


The only part that i would try to change would be the fabric .
It looks too much CGI clean but that could be easily changed in post too.

I like this one very much . Great :)


This is fantastic work Walli! Beautifully done!


Beautiful final render Walli, you nailed the atmosphere and the lighting on this.


thanks! @ Kadri - I think you are right. I wanted to have a certain amount of silkiness on the cloth, instead it would have been more plausible to make it rougher.