Terragen 3 - Render Elements tutorial

Started by digitalguru, July 28, 2013, 12:06:01 PM

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Hi all,

I've just posted a beginners tutorial on using Render Elements in Terragen 3 (and compositing them).


Hope you find it useful, comments and feedback very welcome!


Excellent :) You've lived up to your name. Thankyou :)

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Very nicely done. The demo at the end of changing the terrain lighting from within Nuke was especially cool.

Edit: Posting this to our social media feeds. :)

- Oshyan


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thanks guys!
this version is great - discovering some cool things to do with it...


Thanks very much! This is really helpful and made very clear!


Hi guys.
I like the new features in TG 3 very much.
Congrats and thanks for your hard work guys.
As we always want more i have a question about TG 3 that came to my mind after i saw this last very nice tutorial.
Especially the last part.
We know that Terragen's render times can be long .
Is there any way that you can incorporate that great re lighting procedure in any way to TG3 itself?
I am not asking to make a new Nuke or so in TG 3 i am just curious if it is reasonable or not o have a basic relighting-pass management kinda way in TG 3 itself.
This would be one of the new killer features in TG 3 if it is possible of course.


One thing I should mention is that the relighting technique in Nuke only changes the diffuse lighting.

It can't change shadows or global illumination.

So, you can change the diffuse lighting in Nuke. But by replacing the diffuse element with the relighting setup, you wil lose any shadowing.

And global illumination is based on bounced light from the original Terragen light source.

So this technique is better to make tweaks to the lighting rather than radical changes.

Another use might be to animate subtle patches of light over a terrain to simulate the effect of cloud cover occluding sunlight overhead. That way you could take a still image rendered in Terrain and create an animation that has some "life" in it.


Those plain, simple but informative video tutorials like yours and Martin's for example, are helpful for a lot of users, not just for TG beginners.

Thx for your tutorial digitalguru.

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Thanks for the tutorial and explanation .
Do you know other software in that we can make similar changes?


I think After Effects and Fusion have a relight workflow, though it might involve plugins.

Don't know those prgrams but I'd imagine the process is much the same.


Quote from: Kadri on July 29, 2013, 12:23:37 PM
Do you know other software in that we can make similar changes?

Maybe Blenders compositor?