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Started by Kadri, July 31, 2013, 01:31:23 pm

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Guys i did not post anything for a while.
This render was more to play with the new render passes in TG 3 then anything.
It was an abandoned render from another image actually

The original render is attached too here if you want to compare this with the render passes-edited version.
There is postwork but it was more easy to do because of the render passes.
I like it so much that i will try to use render passes all the time from now on.




Looks really good Kadri.

It has been eaten.



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Fantastic! I love the rays in the clouds.

- Oshyan

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I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.............

First, how many elements did you render?
Second, what did you use to composite the final image?

Which is great................... ;D


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Thanks Yossam.

I first used Photoline for the EXR layered image for general comping.

I am searching for other tools instead of Photoshop and i am evaluating Photoline ( ), Serif Photoplus etc.
Photoshop did not accepted the basic drag and drop of the EXR elements. 
Only by changing the first dropped image to 16 bit could i drop  the others.
But Photoline accepted directly drag and dropping of the EXR'rs.
But i still don't know this program and i am not sure what it makes to the images(changing the bit depth directly or not etc.)

I used 5 render elements in Photoline but after that there came more then 15 layers to that image in Photoshop for comping and changing the look.
I copied the sun and used it to make the smaller ones and made the original one bigger.
I used radial motion blur to exaggerate the god rays in the clouds .
Comped the parachuters and used radial motion blur on them too to get god rays on them to name some of the changes besides color correction etc.

This is all new to me too.
In the past using different scenes and rendering in "passes" was not what i liked.
Now to get all these elements(passes) so easily is great and it makes changing the image very easy.
This was one of the reason i did not used this scene before.

Would be good to hear and see what other guys like Digitalguru make and think about this process and the software they use.
I can not get a easy way to make an alpha or hold out of an object for example.
I had to disable the planet node for this to work.
Not sure if this a bug or i am making something obvious wrong.
I had no time to try a basic scene for testing and asking this...



It was really worth your efforts, Kadri. Terrific image.


Super concept - poster-quality stuff there :)