bug with lwo object

Started by kaedorg, August 14, 2013, 04:20:21 am

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Ok here is the problem
I started a scene adding xfrog plants by population. everything is fine
I save and open the file : no problem
then i want to add 2 lwo objects. i place them, i make some render views, i save the file. everything is fine. I close the file. It is ok.

Then i try to open later the file : tg3 open the file but with a warning message : parse error at line 3017 : not well-formed (invalid token)

nodes are there except the lwo objects, links between nodes are not

Any idea ?

from a previous saved file without the lwo i can reload the lwo and work with but same problem repeat if i close again the file and try to open



Are there any special (accented) characters or other unusual characters in the file name or the path to the file?

- Oshyan


 ;) i'm french and i use some accents (the folder has an accent but not the files)

can you confirm me that i must avoid accents ? i didn't know that



Hi David,

Yes, I'm afraid you need to avoid accents. Sorry for the inconvenience.




thanks for the answer.

i'll take care of it now