The Last Lights

Started by Kadri, August 25, 2013, 11:14:06 am

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August 25, 2013, 11:14:06 am Last Edit: August 25, 2013, 11:19:50 am by Kadri
The monument-structure came out when i was modeling a different structure.
I abandoned that and used this basic one. I like it but it looks familiar too.

Not sure if i saw anything like this , but if you know anything resembling this please say it .
I maybe change it if it is too similar.

I modeled the structure and tree in Lightwave.



Nice detail and I love the concept - like the cover of a sci-fi novel


I like it.
In image 1 there should be only three towers though. The leaning one should be removed. I think they should be stuck deeper in the ground too, the bevel at the bottoms should be hidden.

The thing I don't like really is the light beam from the moon, which is interesting as a concept. But plays badly in this still. Perhaps as an animation it would be more justifiable... Like the lighting of the signal fires in the LOTR film.

You asked if it was familiar imagery in some way. I would say 'HALO' comes to mind a bit, and maybe '2010'. The difference is the HALO structures Im thinking of were smoother surfaced ('2010 also). But Im stretching a bit...
Personally I do *not* find this image to be derivative.

If the image is familiar this is a good thing not a bad thing. Art is a language, and speaking in a way that people understand is the point. It is very hard (nearly impossible) to create an entirely new way of speaking, visually, in the first place. It is even harder to do it and have what your saying be understood by anyone.
You made a science fiction image that has your own voice, but is heard in a language I understand, Kadri. This is the point, is it not?

I think one issue is that you are releasing your images as separate works. Whereas ideally, they should all be viewed as part of a series at the same time.
Once you are finished, you should post a link to a collection. Or better yet, print a book (there are more than a few ways to do this for cheap, with good results).
It has been eaten.


August 25, 2013, 03:31:44 pm #3 Last Edit: August 25, 2013, 03:36:47 pm by Kadri

Eoin *      Thanks.I still look at the old sci-fi covers as they are new today.I love them!

Michael*  There were actually 3 towers at first.
               I imagined them as very old and from the makers abandoned.
               The original name was going to be "We were here-the last lights" or something...             
               So i put 2 on the far side .
               One small tower is collapsed on the right and the one you mentioned is nearly too because of erosion .
               Probably not so prominent  but the blackish part on the lower side was the old ground level.
               I was not so keen about the moon light too , thus i made it much less distinctive.
               I tried many different lighting but only these looked kinda interesting.
               I think i will end up with 1 light in the end.
               The moon looks then kinda redundant , but anyway...
               To know that others feel the same things about these images is always nice :)         


This is with a Sun light from the right , lower side with 1 tower light only.


Now the triptych works. We can see that something is happening over time.
It has been eaten.

Jo Kariboo

Very nice and original !!!


Thanks Pierre!

Michael from that standpoint it is better probably.

Here is the day time version with the last changes.


Mega Monoliths from an Earth-like planet many light years away ...super creativity!


Terrific image with a great mood and a sense of narrative which I like to see in a picture.


August 26, 2013, 08:08:14 am #11 Last Edit: August 26, 2013, 01:30:20 pm by Kadri

Thank you :)

After the last image , the thread name should be "The last Light" probably.
I have a last render with the same POV but 4 times bigger , that is cooking since 9 hours.


I tried with the widescreen format but i do not think that this is better as the vertical ones
but this is 1920 x 1080 so just desktop friendlier ...
Maybe a better POV to the left . Anyway ...
This is the last one. Moving on :)


Impressive, Kadri! I like the sense of scale.


Thanks Hannes :)

This is the image after the last one...ahem!
Could not get over this one and stubbornly tried a widescreen image that i was just a little at least pleased .