Weird faceted rock and flickering

Started by dorianvan, September 09, 2013, 11:01:58 am

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Does anyone know what causes this and what the remedy is?


That is strange. I dont remember if someone posted a video of this problem before.

It almost looks like two problems; 1)Flicker. And 2) something like this:,16786.0.html?PHPSESSID=fdcc073f924ae32981fa0b1f088ebecd

But it kinda also looks like problem 2 is morphing each frame.

It has been eaten.


Yes, strange. However the stones there are flat, not faceted, but I get your point there's something wrong with the stone. If I saw this type of flashing in 3d Max I would say there are two identical objects overlapping each other perfectly and the renderer doesn't know which one to render, but not sure about TG.


Looks like a subdivision and/or displacement issue. I would say something is "wrong" with your rock displacements, either too much displacement on a small stone (likely), or perhaps a render setting that is not optimal.

- Oshyan


Yes, displacement was on the higher size, also my smoothing was off. Small tests are looking good so far. Thanks.