Populations do not show up in preview or render in tg3

Started by freedomfries, September 18, 2013, 02:39:28 am

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I'm setting up a scene and populating it with xfrog .tgo plants. Often, the population node doesn't seem to work. I have to delete the object and try again multiple times in order to get it to show a bounding box for instances. Any bugs regarding populations and importing from library?



Does it work for objects loaded without using the Library? Can you please post a project which you're having problems with? We don't need the models, just looking at the project is a good first start.




Thank you for the prompt response. I will play with my scene some more to get a better idea of how/when this is happening. It seems copying the coordinates from a point in my preview window and pasting them as the center for the population transform does not return the right values. So my populations end up off camera. This could be user error, mind you.


Hi All,

I have experienced a similar problem - I loaded populations from my library, clicked on the terrain to get coordinates, and the population was nowhere near the coordinates I had chosen - I even clicked using the top view to make sure I was in the right place.....

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I find the library to be a bit buggy in general... Sometimes it freezes on me until I restart the application.


Did you try "populate now" or "populate all" on the object tab?
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