Camera unexpectedly flips for 3 frames

Started by djkorova, April 30, 2013, 10:57:32 am

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I have a camera animation imported into TG2 as an fbx. It is mostly working very well except when I render, I sometimes get a strange "flip" of the camera. Stepping through frame by frame you can see that for 1 frame it is rotating, then 1 black frame, then 1 more flip frame and then back to normal.

I don't see this when I scrub through the TG timeline, just when I render. It is a very low quality render for an internal review purpose, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Anyone else have this problem or know what's causing it?


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Sometimes when importing cameras the rotation values can be offset by 360 degrees on some frames but not others, resulting in these discontinuities. Open the rotation values in the Animation Panel and look at the X, Y and Z channels in the Curve Editor. You will see that there is a big jump in the key frames on one or more of these channels. If it is a 360 offset problem you can fix this very easily by selecting the "bad" keys and either adding or subtracting 360 from their values. To do this, select the keys you want to change, enter 360 (or -360) in the number field at the bottom of the Curve Editor, click on the "Perform an action" button and select "Move by value" in the popup menu.

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Ah, Thank you Matt!

Once I opened the animation panel and looked at the curve like you said it was clear what was going on.

Pretty easy fix, thanks!!


Same thing just happened to me during an animation. I'm glad this was an easy fix; I'll just have to double check that from now on. Any way to repair Terragen's fbx cam import? Thanks Matt.


I'm getting this a lot too when I import .fbx files from Maya on cameras.  I wonder if it's possible for TG to filter for this on import?
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