XFrog Plants Forum?

Started by PabloMack, March 31, 2010, 11:45:06 pm

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I have googled trying to find out where the XFrog Plants people talk.  I guess they have no forum to call home?  Looks like their discussions are distributed over the other forums.  Seems like, with Terragen being bundled with XFrog, there could be a section off the root for this? 


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I don't know about the XFrog Plants  forums . But Walli is frequently here ( he is a plant object maker of XFrog ) .



They don't have a forum, they still use a Yahoo Group mailing list:

I agree, I'd like to see a forum at some point, but it's not really our place to provide that. While we are partnered with them for product bundles, we support a full range of model sources, and prefer discussion on that to remain general.

- Oshyan


the yahoo mailing list is the most official place and you normaly get fast contact to the people behind at that place. And here we are reading too (at least me), but in a forum a message can be burried much faster.
So I think best place is yahoo groups.


Thanks all.  I just created a Yahoo ID and submitted an application to join the XFrog group. 




The forums have been there for some time ( http://xfrog.com/forum/ )  but they aren't used much, and several days usually go by before posts are answered or commented on.