3rd Party Animation Tools?

Started by visualaspirant, September 25, 2013, 11:40:12 am

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I used Terragen over 10 years ago. I remember using Campath and/or Terranim and I made some stuff that was really incredible (for me at the time as a teenager)

Time has passed and Terragen has grown up. I'm wondering, with Terragen 3, is there a way to automate animation with the free version of Terragen 3? Or 3rd party tools or scripts?

This is more of a hobby for me so while I would license in a heartbeat the full animation version, its not as much of an option at present.

Thanks for any tips.

Andrew March

As far as I know only the pro version have animation capabilities, the free version can only render stills at reduced resolution.


Yeah - appears to be the case for now.

Were there any 3rd party tools for Terragen 2 by chance?



The Creative + Animation edition has animation ability for a much lower price than Pro + Animation.

There weren't any third party tools for TG2. You had to purchase the Animation module for that as well.




You can go frame at a time work out your start frame and end frame point and then calculate the in-betweens. Can look a little Linear, then you can time remap still frames using Timewarp in AE or similar.