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I posted new tutorials "Discovering Terragen 3" , you can also watch them at Youtube geekatplay channel,
New tutorials unlocked weekly to free watch, or you can always buy all them, to support site going.
Here is list of upcoming more tutorials:
Release : Discovering Terragen 3" - Beginners/intermediate level, over view off application and fast way to start working with it.
Coming soon: "Exploring Terragen" (multiple series" - Intermediate/Advanced, project based tutorials. Learn by example with in depth.
Coming soon: "Mastering Terragen" - Advanced, subject based on subjects, example: Mastering Highfield terrains, or Mastering Cloud Layers ...etc.
Terragen is professional complex application and it will take some time to cover all aspects, please let me know if you have any specific questions or suggestion.

Wonderful to see Geek At Play tackling Terragen 3! Thanks for providing some great, free content.

- Oshyan

Ah! Just saw this now! Never mind my other posts I guess. Man thats funny! Great minds think alike ;D ;) :)

By the way, geek. I used your site for hexagon 2, which opened the door to modeling for me. Never posted on your site, so thanks! Maybe now TG will give up all her good bits for me. Like the way you did the other tuts I saw on your site (watched a lot of them too). Hope these will go the same way.

Cheers to you!

I snatched up some WM tutorials last night, very well laid out. Cheers

I can recommend all the tutorials from geekatplay.  I've bought many of them and learnt a lot from them.


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