Started by mhaze, December 09, 2013, 01:25:23 pm

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Yet another example of soft voronoi rocks.....


Looking fine. The variation is very interesting.



When are you going to put this into a "complete" scene? I mean instead of just a view of some place, more like a complete composition like a landscape painting or photo. If that makes scene. looking forward to seeing a broader view of a world with these formations.

Like the grass against the barren stone. Has a fantastical quality to it.
It has been eaten.


Grass is wonderful. Perfect render.

Can you tell me if it is a walli grass ?


I was also struck by the grass. Very nice offset against the rocks. The clouds I would change, they attract very much attention as they are a bit too warped (IMHO).


Thanks all for the kind comments. 

The grass is indeed one of Wallis grasses from the archviz_grasses pack from silva3d(short mowed grass). 

Badger, much of my work is developmental, I never know where I'm going when I start!  This is a work in progress I 'm not happy with the aspect ration and may well make this a wider image and I have some birds I want to add. I'm also thinking of change the basic rock forms. 

Dune, agree about the cloud, it's a hangover from a previous version.


Beautiful displacement !