TG2 Pro files in TG3 Free, sun shines thru surfaces

Started by Bjur, September 04, 2013, 01:06:50 am

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Maybe I'm doing something wrong now, knowing about lots of changes and buffs TG 3 wise..

You can use my last posted tdg. file for testing that phenomenon:,16466.0.html

Just wanted to point a possible problem guys.. o7

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Have a look at the quality tab of the atmosphere and read those lines....


Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

You have some sunlights in that scene with cast shadows turned off. For "receive shadows from surfaces" to work with a particular light source, both "cast shadows" and "shadows of surfaces" need to be turned on for that light source. So there isn't a bug here.

However, if you just want to turn off the glow altogether you can simply disable "glow in atmosphere", and then you won't have to deal with the extra render time that "receive shadows in atmosphere" would require. In some scenes this might be a suitable way to solve the problem.

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Thank you for response.  :D

I was aware of how the "Receive" function works and tested it several times, but accidently not with a second, visible fake sun just for atmosphere lightnings at the same place like the non visible surface lightning "main" sun.
My thoughts were also kinda: "Receive shadows from surfaces" checked works for any sunlights, regardless their individual settings..

I was wrong, thx for clarifying that Matt.

Hope our little dialogue will help other PPL too.

Greetings.. o/

~ The annoying popularity of Vue brought me here.. ~