Bug report for TG2 Mac OS X

Started by Gkon, December 25, 2006, 12:43:40 PM

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Using OS X 10.4.8
Was trying to open a file that was originally saved to the desktop.
Moved the file to another folder, and upon trying to open it, TG2 would freeze.
Happened several times.
Reboot. Again.
Moved the files back to the desktop, and they seemed fine.
It seems the application doesn't like the file to be moved to another path.
Worth mentioning just in case it induces a panic attack.

Tim O'Donoghue

If the location of the file is changed and you try to reload the TGD file, it's like moving and not leaving a forwarding address.

You might try editing the TGD file for the new location or save it in the "other" location instead.


Strange that.
I've never come across it before.
I use several 2d/3d applications, and moving files has never resulted in the program crashing.


TDG files often have references to other files, and if the paths to these files have changed or were saved using relative paths, then it's possible that the path is translated into an invalid location on a Mac (I don't know if this is possible, just making a guess).  I've moved TDG files in the Windows version, and it only complained about missing objects that weren't where they were expected (because of relative paths).


Also using 10.4.8 I saved a render to desktop, tried to reopen it later to Photoshop it, got this error message,,,,,
"Split Pane Error, minY greater than maxY. This is a developer debug message."
But I think I made the error myself, as I did not save it as a .bmp or .tiff, I saved it as a .tgd.
Was a 2 hour render, I am sad to lose it.
Please let me know what I did wrong?
Thank you,


I'm using TG2 on windows now due to my PC being faster than my Mac which would need TG to facilitate it's dual core for better speed. However I get this same problem on Windows. Move a file, try to reopen it and TG2 crashes. I'd say that was a minor problem but I have had the "Split Pane Error, minY greater than maxY" error message on OSX. It's a UI problem as far as I know. OSX writes crash report files. Should we send these to Planetside? I have a crash report here which appears to list the same crash over and over. However, I still think the Mac version is actually more stable than the PC version. At least I don't have to constantly reboot my Mac which is what I'm having to do with the PC but I guess that's Windows for you.


Actually it didnt crash the Mac, nor even require me to force-quit or re-start TG2.  My render just went up the chimney, poof.
It did start to re-render it right away, but I aborted it, and decided to start afresh this morning.
I need to learn how to move the camera, Ive not found the Mac mouse stuff yet.  Thats all my fault, however, needing to practise and re-read the instructions when Im not so tired from Christmas and the grandkids.



Quote from: Gkon on December 25, 2006, 03:37:44 PM
Strange that.
I've never come across it before.
I use several 2d/3d applications, and moving files has never resulted in the program crashing.

TG2 uses paths to refer to files. Paths are fragile, and if you move things then they can't be found anymore. The other apps you mention probably use aliases to refer to files, which is a much better idea on the Mac as it means you can move files and they'll still be found. I'd prefer that we would use aliases for this in TG2 Mac, but I don't know if that will happen. For now, don't move files you are using in a project while TG2 is running.