Is there a Master Repopulate for Every Frame Button somewhere in TG3?

Started by PabloMack, December 31, 2013, 02:59:14 pm

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I am doing a multi-frame animation render and it is spending 90% of its time repopulating and only 10% of the time on the render. I just examined all my populations and none of them have the "Repopulate on every frame" box checked. But after the first frame finished rendering it started to repopulate all over again. If I can't make it stop doing this, renders are going to take far too long. Yesterday it was only repopulating after I changed something that would affect the population. Now it repopulates all populations for every frame. I must have turned something on by accident but I don't know what it is.

I am reading about Populator Instance Caching and I might start using this to get around the problem.


I had the same issue, but just with a few grasses near the camera. Repopulate unchecked, and also ' clip to camera' unchecked. Repopped after every frame.


I have the same issue when i have populations of grasses near the camera


We're working on improving this . If you can provide specific example projects (TGDs), that would be helpful. We know it happens in some situations but it would be good to get a clearer, broader idea of when it occurs.

- Oshyan