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Started by Djb3000, January 16, 2014, 07:22:17 AM

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I am trying to get my head around using World Machine with T3 to generate terrains. I am a bit confused with what I should do with all the WM outputs (refering to Geekatplay's Snow Mountain tutorial). I have an output to a terragen file which I understand and have successfully imported into T3. I have also imported a Bitmap snowcover output which i have used as a mask. My question is what are the other 3 Bitmap images (snow flow, snow overlay and snow depth) for? Do I also use these as masks on the same mountain or are they included in the Terragan output file? If I do use these as separate masks, how?

Sorry if I haven't worded this very well  ???


Hi Zapatista,

The other masks/outputs of the snow macro are images which contain information about what the snow macro device did to your terrain.
For example, if you wish to have thick snow to be more shiny like compressed snow/icy snow, then you can use the "snow depth" mask to mask a reflective shader. The snow depth mask is white where snow is thick and greyish to black where snow is thin or absent.

The snow depth is incorporated into the Terragen output file. Why?
Because the snow macro device simulates snow fall on your terrain, adding height to your terrain by filling depressions with snow and smoothing parts of your terrain.

Masks which define where snow has fallen are not incorporated into the Terragen output. These are just images, like the snow depth mask, which give information on where snow has fallen. White is where most snow has been built up and black is where no snow has been built up.

To see the difference between your terrain with and without snow you can also connect a Terragen output device before the snow macro device.
It's ok to have multiple outputs at different stages in the node network.
Select your output before snow, hit 'f' on your keyboard and press the yellow terrain build button. (yellow builds terrain to selected node)
Hit 'F8' on your keyboard to view the terrain in 3D.
Select your output after snow, hit 'f' on your keyboard and press the yellow or green terrain build button. (does not matter which since it is the last node)
Hit 'F8' on your keyboard to view the terrain in 3D.


Thank you for your reply.

My only question now is - where do I insert these bitmap masks in Terragen? Do they go to the mask input of the mountain Heightfield shader? Should I use them all?
The Geekatplay tutorial goes on to explain all this in Vue, but not in Terragen which is a bit frustrating.


I see...

Ok, did you download the .tmd I shared in my latest image topic?
You can find it here:,17513.msg169946.html#msg169946

Run that .tmd and save the files in 4k size. Takes a bit to simulate (could be worse) though.

If you have managed to do so then give me a shout here, I'll post a Terragen tgd file then which you should then place into the folder containing the world machine terrain and masks. Ok?

This terrain did not use the snow device, but you may understand the principle is the very same.


I have downloaded the file, but WM wont open it. It says i haven't got all the plugins or devices used to create it. I am using the free version of WM, if that makes a difference.



It doesn't say. I think I have sussed this out though by adding the image map shaders in the list on the left rather than in the node editor, which can get very confusing for somebody new to this.
Another question though (maybe a dumb one) , are these bitmaps mainly used for adding colour rather than adding shape to the ter file output?


TU; Having just read this (as well as your "another TG + World Machine marriage" thread); I am very much interested in dissecting your .tgd file to see where you have used your maps.
I have also been going through the GeekAtPlay WM tutorials but imho there are gaps in the information provided (designed to keep you coming back for more, I imagine).
Dissecting files created by artists that are generous enough to share what they have created helps to fill those gaps..............
Thank you for your willingness to share and educate..................
OK, who farted?


Guess I should have opened the .tmd file first; I have the same problem as Djb3000 (see attachment).
Although the message implies that a partial world will be opened (omitting the missing device/s); nothing is created so no indication of what is missing can be determined..................
Any ideas?
OK, who farted?