Doing something wrong with projected camera image mapping

Started by alessandro, January 18, 2014, 06:32:29 AM

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Hello folsk, in order to have more precise masks to be used vs. painted shaders, I'm now experimenting with projection camera's but I'm doing something wrong.
Here is a render where I overlayed a simple red area, for reference.
Back to TG3, I've tried laying the above image using projection camera, but the image doesn't match properly. I'm sure I'm missing something. I've already tried changing to Position Center, entering the Size values to match the image size, but no luck.


I would start be creating a new camera and placing it above (1000m +/-) the area you want to map on to. Set this camera to "orthographic projection" and make a render from that camera. Save this render as a bmp and open it in your paint package (photoshop?) and use it to accurately draw/paint your mask exactly matching the contours and positioning of features in the landscape. Now you can use the same orthographic camera to project the image onto your scene and it should line up perfectly.
Now do a test render using your original camera.
On a side note your node network is weird. The surface shader is doing nothing since it is not plugged in to anything that is connected to the planet node. Either delete it or plug it into the planet object.
Hope this helps

ps You also don't need to have the Base colours plugged into the image map shader.

pps: In Terragen data flows downwards always. It enters at the top of a node and exits at the bottom. A chain or branch of nodes that dose has an open bottom connection is serving no purpose. All node chains/branches must end in either a planet node, an object node or a water plane (which is basically an object)

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Thanks Richard. So I guess the issue is that I didn't work in orthographic mode. Will try the workflow you suggested.

About the shader network, yes it's messy, it was just a quick thing to test the image map.