JJ Abrams LensFlare Drive

Started by DocCharly65, May 10, 2020, 06:23:57 am

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The not really working ALF Drive (Abrams Lense Flare Drive) will cause a failure of artificial gravitation.

I had to animate the floating minions in Blender3D because they didn't look good with mixamo animation.

Animation The Lensflare Drive DEFEKT Floating Minions - RAW Test 001.mp4





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...some monster renderjobs in the pipeline here...  :o ::)

Just an actual overview what's happening.
This Time I use the cloud again for video upload. On my YT channel I already have a mess that even I almost don't know what is what from when and why and... you understand :)

First some finished renders. Many of them are AA8 because below that value I could not get rid of extreme flickering. Deactivating reflections or highlights was either unsuccessful or destroyed the whole look...

This one was rendering quite fast: The "Abrams Enterprise " leaving drydock and the first time stuttering drive...

The view inside the drive is a 3.5 h per frame render even on the "gen 9 12core  i7" but I think quite worth the time.

This one was fast rendering and much fun to create: The absolute breakdown of the "ALF Drive" :)

And now one of the rendertime monsters again... I only had an older 4th generation i7 left and this only is the half of the animation... the second half will be finished in approx. 30-40 days  ::)
The floating Minions... I don't regret a second rendertime here either.

Another part of the "peaceful times episodes" I announced in the image topics before.
They all belong to each other so I show some here... in the drydock we first see the SpaceX crew dragon  (only very raw):

...and the start of the Normandy - who remembers where this ship belogs to?? ;) ;D

I hope the links work.
In some Browsers you can watch the videos instantly but the quality is of course better if you download the vids.


Fantastic sequences again! It'll be one hell of a movie..... once finished.


Quote from: Dune on June 02, 2020, 08:08:14 amFantastic sequences again! It'll be one hell of a movie..... once finished.
yes... once... ::) ??? :o     ;D ;D

j meyer



Once again cool stuff!!! Congratulations!!