3D Studio Max anybody?

Started by Dune, January 26, 2014, 03:24:52 am

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Is there anyone out there who would be able and willing to convert some max files for me? And no, I don't want to install a trial version just to do this.
I need some low poly people for a leisure park setting (sitting on grass, walking a dog, running after a football, that sort of thing) and found some (free ones) on the web in max. They're small (400kb-4MB), and what I need are obj or lwo, or whatever can be transformed, or worked on. I probably need to change some postures/textures a bit.


I believe there is a free plugin that will let you open and convert these in MAya.

There is a thread here that talks about it. I think it may have been Kadri, who pointed it out to me(?) There is one for .max & .3ds, I believe. Anyway, I know for sure that there is one for .3ds. And Im rather sure for .max too.
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I'll check that out, thanks Michael.


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Ok I found it for this thread. The info was in a unrelated subject heading.

.3DS can be imported in to Maya using the plugin from "bonus tools" here is the link for 2014 which I use. You should be able to back track it from here to earlier versions if you have to:

.3ds is a max format, hoever, it is unclear to me if .3ds and .max are essentially two ways of saying the same thing.
Whatever the overly technical explanation is likely to be, both can be opened in maya natively by first converting the .3ds or .max, to .FBX. .FBX is native to both Max and Maya. And then from there (for TG) to OBJ.
However, I hope that very soon, THat last part won't be nessasary ;)

So! Well you don't need to get Max, you can just get .fbx: http://www.autodesk.com/products/fbx/overview
And convert there. Then open your .fbx in maya natively.

Of course, if someone will do it for you Ulco, I would still let them. I don't think this jumping around stuff is any fun at all. All though for some strange reason, finding the info and writing about it is.

*Thanks to Kadri for the initial research.
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I found some info too, and downloaded the plugins for maya 2013, but it seems .max is different than .3ds, and cannot be imported/converted. And they are .max files.


If you send me the max files (+texture images) I can do it. I had to dl the demo version myself recently for exactly the same reason.

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3ds  is from the old 3D Studio DOS days before it changed to 3D Studio Max.
3DS file support is very wide but for MAX files you need 3D Studio MAX.
Plugins etc. work only if you have Max installed on your computer so far i know.
This is the reason i don't like that format . Don't use it if you can of course :)


Yeah, follow up searches were fruitless; lots of plugins and converters, but not for max. Thanks Richard, I'll zip them up and pm you. It's not much, and no texture maps (at least not any I found), just the max files. I'll do some texturing if the shape is any good.



Just to be clear though. The FBX program I linked to above *will* convert .max. I expect if you have a student version of any autodesk program, you can get the FBX standalone too.

But in principal, I agree with Kadri. Screw em' for this nonsense! What kinda A$$H@!{ makes a file format that can't be read in this industry? They probably thought they were being clever.
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Problem is that they are the Industry Michael. They get the power to do this from that :)
Now they are much more powerful then ever with 3 major software in their hands.


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This one?
I did no see MAX  it says "This utility enables you to convert OBJ, DXF™, DAE, and 3DS files to or from multiple versions of the FBX format." .
Are you sure Michael?


Hey Dune, I am a Max user from way back, and currently have several versions up and running (for plugin compatibility), I'd be happy to help.


Seems like you are right Kadri, maybe. I can't find conformation though. You would think this is the kinda thing that Autodesk would explicitly state. Now it does not feel simply irritating. Now it feels a little shady too. >:(
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No problem Michael.This MAX format problem comes always in front every 1 -2 years or so in our and other forums.