problem rendering trees

Started by sirio, January 26, 2014, 01:00:54 pm

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Hi all,

I've noticed that rendering of tree branches is usually very unrealistic when rendered very close to the tree.
See the attached file.
The brach "1" is rendered despite it's almost flat, as seen from the camera. How to solve this? rotating the tree will create the problem somewhere else, and I found no way to completely remove that front-facing branch (photoshop?!)
It also creates weird shadows, see "2".

How did you guys managed this problem?

thanks you


Well its not clear from your image. But assuming that is a 3d tree, I would say your problem is displacement.

you will want to add a greyscale displacement map to your objects internal node system, and render with *RTO off*

As to removing the branch, you will have to edit the model in a modeling application.
It has been eaten.


Those needles are not 3D, they are a photo texture projected on a small plane and that's why they appear so flat.


Displacement won't really help here. It's a limitation of the detail in the original 3D model. You need more detailed (higher polygon count, more subdivided) trees.

- Oshyan